Connected Care

The My Ketogenic Diet connected care application allows you to keep a record of your food intake, seizures, ketone and glucose levels and more.

Food Diary

Easily add all your meals to the app. Add custom meals, or easily add food using the preset recipes from the My Ketogenic Diet website. You can easily save your favourite meals for later use and take pictures of all your delicious food!


Simply record seizures by inputting the time, duration, type and seizure trigger. Add any additional notes for yourself or your dietitian.

Ketones and blood glucose

Easily record and track your blood or urine ketone levels and blood glucose levels as deemed necessary by your keto team.

Other Features

The connected care app also allows you to keep track of your weight, receive messages from healthcare professionals and create easy shopping lists.

Your keto team will be able to see all information you record within the app, making it easy to share your meals, seizures, and any other information with your healthcare professional.


If you would like to use the connected care app, get in touch with your Healthcare Professional and ask them to reach out to us on